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"cAmpetion" Combine Prep Clinic  

Powered by Plaxico Burress and MAD QB Academy with Speed and Agility portion brought to you by Freak Strength

When: Saturday, April 8th

Time: 12:30-3:30pm

For High School Athletes Only who play the following positions:


Fee: $99.00




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Madei C. Williams, QB Coach/ Athlete Performance Specialist




Playing Quarterback is not just about having tremendous arm strength. To play and excel at the most demanding position in all of sports requires tremendous skill, unquestionable mental toughness, and the ability to lead.  One must also possess the passion for the position and have a burning desire to be great. All quarterbacks must be committed to their individual craft and the collective goal of their team.  They must be that individual who is willing to do whatever is asked and whatever it takes to get the goal accomplished for the greater good of the team. Also, by not having proper fundamentals for the position, a quarterback will not reach his maximum potential. In other words, instruction from MAD-QB Training will provide any quarterback with the knowledge of the tangibles and intangibles needed in order to play the position at a high level. In addition to high levels of repetition in all areas of sound quarterback fundamentals, each instructional session will also focus on the mental preparation of the position.  They will be tutored on important things such as the strengths and weaknesses of defensive coverages, key reads and progressions on specific passing plays, and all the necessary football terminology and verbiage. This is what will be needed to gain a competitive edge over the competition.

Madei Williams
Dare To Be Great!!!!

Training Philosophy:

• In order to build and motivate the "Complete Quarterback", the focus needs to be on the development of the core mental and physical fundamentals of "Complete Quarterback" play.

Training Sessions Feature:

• Proper Stance
• Ball Handling
• High Intensity and Repetition in Throwing Mechanics
• Throwing with Accuracy and Proper Ball Placement
• 3-5-7 Step Dropback Footwork with Corrective Teaching/Training
• Passing Mechanics from the Shotgun Formation
• On the Run Mechanics
• Run Game Mechanics
• Play Action Passing Mechanics
• Route Throwing with Situational Pocket Awareness
• Reads/Coverage Recognition Input to Accelerate Decision Making
• Game Management/ Thinking Strategy to use During Competition
• Strength & Core Training Specific to Qb Development
• Explosive Power, Speed, Agility, Foot Quickness Training
Length of Training Session:
•Standard training sessions are 90 minutes
•Clients discretion
•A week in advanced is encouraged
Training Equipment:
•Proper athletic dress attire
•Proper sneakers and/or football cleats
•Bottled water or sports drink
•Level appropriate football




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