League Rules

2017 Indoor Softball League Rules Updated 8/4/16

  1. The High School League plays under NJ High School pitching rules. Below are additional rules that govern play at NJ Sports House.
  2. Time limit - All games will have a one hour time limit. After one hour the at-bat completes and the game is over. The final score will be the score at the end of the last complete inning. If the home team is up when time expires, any runs they scored during that inning will be counted.
  3. All games are seven innings when time permits.
  4. Face guards on all helmets are mandatory.
  5. All players will hit in a continuous batting order.
  6. Free substitution will be allowed and courtesy runners will be allowed for the catcher and pitcher at any time by the last batter who was put out.
  7. When the player who will catch in the next inning gets on base it is strongly suggested that she be substituted by the last batter who was put out. This speeds play.
  8. In the first inning the pitcher is allowed 5 warm-up pitches and team infield warm-up is allowed. After the first inning, only 3 warm-up pitches and no infield warm-ups between innings are allowed.
  9. The bench area will be shared and it is on the third base side of the field.
  10. A team is allowed to play with any number of players on the field, not to exceed 9. Cinderella batting is allowed if a team chooses to.
  11. Exit the field quickly as the team behind you needs to warm up fast.
  12. During the first 40 minutes of play teams will play 2 innings at a time, with bases being cleared at the end of each inning.

Special On Field Rules for NJ Sports House Indoor Field

  1. All fly balls that hit the netting net are playable off the net for an out or a hit. The umpire can rule it a foul ball if in foul territory on the infield and not caught and hence a dead ball.
  2. Any ball that exits the netting will be ruled a dead ball and the pitch will be re-thrown. However, a ball that exits the netting in fair territory in the outfield, in the judgment of the umpire, will be ruled a ground rule single.
  3. All fly balls that hit the outfield fences and nets are a hit and players will play them off the fences and nets and runners advance at their own risk.
  4. All fly balls that hit fences and nets on the 1st and 3rd base lines are foul balls.
  5. Regular fair/foul rules apply for any ground ball that hits the infield.
  6. Sneakers and/or turf shoes must be worn. Cleats are not allowed.
  7. No jewelry other than medical alert bracelet or necklace is allowed. Taping over ears etc. is not allowed.
  8. All catchers must wear a catcher’s mask to warm up pitchers on the field, in the cages and in the bullpen.