Covid-19 Rules and Precautions
NJ Sports House will be taking the necessary measures to ensure the safety and health of our players, renters, staff and trainers.
1. Per the governor of NJ we will be only operating at 25% capacity or a maximum of 100 people. 
2. As of July 6th, 2020 only athletes, staff & trainers will be allowed inside the Sports House. All parents will drop their athletes off and either park on the street or come back when the session is over.
3. We are asking all parents and renters to take their temperatures before arriving to the Sports House
4. When entering NJ Sports House each trainer, athlete, coach & staff member will go through our new thermal temperatures machine. Anyone with 100.3 tempeture will be asked to leave the building. (Please take your temperatures before you come to NJ Sports House)
5. When exiting NJ Sports House everyone will use the side door in the main building. 
6. NJ Sports House will only be taking reservations. No pop-ins will be allowed
7. All athletes, staff, & trainers must wear a mask at all times per the Governors Executive Order 157.
8. There are markings for 6 feet social distancing throughout the entire facility. 
9. There will be hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility.
10. Only 1 person will be allowed in the bathrooms at a time. 
11. Anyone coming to NJ Sports House will have to fill out a Covid-19 survey the day of their arrival. (You will get that form from the organization you are affiliated with or seeing)
12. Anyone that has travelled to the states on the Governors travel advisory list or have come in contact with anyone from that list MUST NOT come to NJ Sports House until they have been cleared by a doctor. (Link for states)